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As a hospital is a place of “Hope.” When our loved one is seriously ill or injured, our only hope is doctors and their treatment. We are not saying you can take advantage of us, but you have some rights that every patient must know about it.

Right to Information:

Physicians or staff members are required to provide complete information about your disease. It includes diagnosis, investigations, and complications of the patient. If the patient is not able to understand, the physician or medical staff provides the information to the caretaker.

Right to records and reports

Patients or their attainders have the right to access the original copy of case papers, patient records, and investigation reports. Investigation reports are available within 24 hours of patient admission.

Right to Informed Consent

If a hospital decides to carry a surgery on patients, they need to do it after completing all medical procedures. The doctor is the in-charge who describes you about the risk, complications, and surgery results. Before having the surgery, the consent form should be fulfilled by the attendees or caretaker.

Right to non-discrimination

The patient has the right to discrimination offense. Based on the characteristics of the hospital, no person can be undergone with discriminatory treatment.

Right to choose the alternative treatment if available

Hospitals staffs and physicians are responsible to clarify all treatment which available in the hospital. After observing all the treatments a patient or caretakers can go for alternative treatments. However, they are responsible for the consequences.

Right to Second Opinion

Physicians and hospitals always admired your decisions if you choose to seek a second option like another doctor or hospital. If you allow yourself to choose another place for treatment, we’ll handle all records and documents approach to another doctor.

Right to refer and Transfer

If a patient is transferred from one health center to another, a detailed justification must be given along with several options of the health centre. You get the list of medicines and treatments that you need after the transfer.
It is needless to say your decision cannot be affected by commissions, incentives or other business practices.

Right to be the Discharged, Right to be received the body of a deceased person from the hospital

A patient has the right to be discharged from the hospital if his/her medical treatment would finish. Likewise, if some patient dead, then the caretaker has all right to take the dead body after being finishing the other medical procedures

Right to Patient Education

Here are the several things patient should get informed by the hospital. These things should be understood by the patient caretaker or attendees.

  • The facts about their condition
  • Healthy living practices
  • Their rights and responsibilities
  • Schemes of Health Events related to them

Right of the Patients which they get from us