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Acknowledged globally as the centre of medical excellence, Kavya hospital is a multi-super-specialty care hospital. It was established in 2018. In a short time, Kavya hospital has developed unmatched trust with the patients. It is one of the pioneer hospitals of Province no.2. The hospital is primarily about giving better care to patients

Kavya Hospital is dedicated to innovation and the adoption of new, appropriate, cost-effective, caring technology.

The hospital plays a prominent role in improving and promoting health within a community. We are also nurturing the next generation health care providers and researchers to give a perfect shape to communities – and serve locally and globally. We have the aim to become the leader in patiented+health care and services.

We do have 24 hours emergency services. The hospitals with having 81 beds, state of the art health care facilities, providing a wide range of medical and diagnostic services. With the updated technology and well-qualified doctors and trained staffs, Kavya hospital is a perfect health destination for you and your family.

Our Safety Steps against COVID-19


We, the Kavya, have been at the forefront of this fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and completely empathize with the state of anxiety for you and your family in Janakpur Dham. As a first step, we recommend you stay calm and help us guide you through this fight against this disease.

We fulfill the health need of people and encouraging the citizens to maintain a social distance as well. As we have the personal protective equipment for the Covid tests. Furthermore, we have an isolation ward as well.

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