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Leadership and Leadership management plays a crucial role in the development of any organization. Leadership abilities like Decision making, Integrity, Relationship Building, Dependability, Accountability, Delegation, and Empowerment are essential to driving the organization successfully.
The Leadership Management team of Kavya Hospital has played a crucial role in its overall development and success.
Dr. S.K Singh (Chairman) and Dr. Soniya Singh (Management Director) are the two main pillars of the Kavya Hospital. Since its establishment, they drive the hospital/organization with commitment and passion. And today, we are the no.1 health service provider in Province no.2.

Dr. Sudhendu Kumar Singh– Chairman/CEO

Strong leadership and having excellent decision-making ability with a proven track record of delivering phenomenal results, Dr. S.K Singh currently serving as a Chairman/CEO, Owner of Kavya Hospital Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. S. K Singh has been excellent in his work. Within the establishment, he leads his organization to the top level in a very short time. He has great skills in problem-solving, communicating, and decision-making.

He has great approachability and transparency in his work. His open-mindedness, values, and ethics play a vital role in the development of the Kavya Hospital Pvt. Ltd. He has a great ability to perform the executive duties of the organization. With his experiences and knowledge, he knows how to relate with fellow co-workers, how to deal with subordinates, and eventually how to run the organization/hospital effectively and efficiently.

In addition, he plays a prominent role in planning, decision-making, delegation authority, and executing. He is a good doctor and a good leader as well.

Dr. Soniya Singh -Co-Founder & Managing Director of Kavya Hospital Pvt. Ltd

Dr. Soniya Singh (Senior Gynecologist) serves as a co-founder, owner, and Managing Director of Kavya Hospital Pvt. Ltd. From the past decade, she has been serving as a senior obstetrician & gynecologist. With her emotional resilience, sensitivity & listening skills, manual dexterity, and excellent communication skills (to relate well with the patient and their family members), she establishes herself as one of the leading names in the medical field.

Working at the position of Managing Director of Kavya Hospital Pvt. Ltd, she is very responsible and accountable for her job. She has visionary leadership and possesses great PR & presentation skills.
Besides this, she always has been motivated her organizational workforce and resolves problematic development and situations.
Furthermore, she also involves planning, executing, and leading hospital strategy and clinical, operational delivery to ensure services provide optimum patient care and experience and ensure efficient use of resources.

Leadership Management of Kavya Hospital