Wide range of facilities and medical services

We Kavya specialized in General Laproscopy & Surgery. We are the only healthcare department in Janakpur dham which offers latest surgery technology, operation techniques regarding it. Our hospital involves in different kinds of general surgery with laparoscopy which includes: appendectomy, hernia repair, removal part of the colon or small intestine, removal of adrenal glands, removal of the spleen, Diabetes wound care (diabetes foot) and some other surgery.

Standards of Treatment

We provide standard treatment and latest medical technology with best facility in our hospital.

Supportive staff

We have supportive staffs for the betterment of patients.

Infection Prevention

We provide infection prevention and latest medical technology with best facility in our hospital.

Better Care Better Understanding

We better care and better understand the patients.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the duties of General Surgeon?

The General Surgeon’s role is to perform operations to treat or prevent diseases, repair damage caused by injuries, and improve the functions of the human body through the use of different surgical instruments.

Are you put to sleep for a laparoscopy?

Yes laparoscopy performs under the general anesthetic and patient will be unconscious during the procedure. 

Is laparoscopy a major surgery?

Compare to open surgery it is small. But we have to accepts it as a major. However, it has quick recovery time because of smaller incisions.