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For the good health of society and community, Kavya Hospital, Janakpur-9 organized the free health camp on October 30, 2021. The free health camp took place at Duhabi, Gobrahi, Dhanusha, approx 17 km away from Janakpur Dham.

The program was organized to provide free health services and raise awareness among the people about the importance of good health.

At the Medical Camp at Duhabi, we provided high-quality medical services, promote awareness, solved health-related issues, and many more.

As we have leading medical consultants of Province No 2 named Dr. Balram Mishra (Senior Pediatrician), Dr. Sunita Rai (Senior Gynecologist), Dr. Sanjay Yadav (Surgeon), Dr. Rakesh Yadav (Orthopedics). Furthermore, our medical officers are also very good at their work. Our medical officers includes Dr. Ramit Raj, Dr. Rashmi Jha, Dr. Saurav Mishra, Dr. Suruchi Pandey, and Dr. Suraj Gupta. Apart from this, we have the Kavya management team members who played the perfect role and conducted the camp successfully and in a splendid way.


Milestones achievements by Kavya Hospital at Duhabi, Dhanusha

  • Provided appropriate health check-ups to all age groups of people
  • The health checks ups done by leading consultants of Province No.2
  • We provided the right treatment, found the disease or illness, and cure the patient on time.
  • Overall physical examinations of Diabetes, Heart, Thyroid, Skin Diseases, and Knee Injuries
  • Remedy for several poor populations who couldn’t afford the treatments.


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